Key benefits

Frame 9
  • Get quick-turn prototypes of your designs
  • No dealing with tools or screens
  • Eliminate materials handling and storage
  • No minimum order quantity

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How it works


Step 1: Submit

Fill out the form above and let us know all your project details. Maximum 10 sheets per print.


Step 2: Meet

Our Applications Team will respond within two business days to book a call and fully scope the project.


Step 3: Quote

We will quote the project and send it to you for approval.


Step 4: Print

We will print and inspect your prototype to ensure the best quality.


Step 5: Ship

The print will be shipped directly to you.

What we can print


  • TPU
  • PET
  • Polyimide
  • Other (please specify)


  • Flexible silver
  • Stretchable silver
  • Silver/silver chloride
  • Stretchable carbon
  • Other (please specify)


  • 150 µm minimum trace width (dependant on materials)

Print size

  • A4 maximum print size

File format

  • Gerber
  • SVG

Past prototypes

Hover over the images to learn more about the materials that were used

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